Renowned Bodybuilder “Bets” $1 Million USD That Kim Jong Kook’s Physique Is Not Natural

He claims there’s no way Kim Jong Kook can look like that at 45.

Despite having started as a singer, Kim Jong Kook has quickly gone on to become a legend in the health industry. Known for his extreme love for working out, the singer’s fit physique may be the most iconic part of his image. And while Kim Jong Kook has always prided himself in maintaining his physique using natural methods, there is one person who has started to question Running Man‘s “sparta.”

Kim Jong Kook.

On October 30, Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette uploaded a video titled Kim Jung Kook \\ Natty or Not and it has started to receive viral attention from both viewers worldwide. In the video, the bodybuilder breaks down the singer’s workouts, while making claims regarding Kim Jong Kook’s physique.

Canadian bodybuilder, Greg Doucette | @GregDoucette/YouTube

The reason behind Greg Doucette’s sudden accusations is all due to Kim Jong Kook’s age. The singer was born in 1976, making him 45-years-old (international age) this year. According to the bodybuilder, while Kim Jong Kook’s body is “amazing,” it’s hard for him to comprehend his current physique at his current age.

He looks amazing. Does he look enhanced? No. He looks natural. So why do I not think he’s natural? Well the fact that he looks like he could be competing for a men’s physique competition! At 45!

— Greg Doucette

The Canadian bodybuilder didn’t end his accusations there. He continued by revealing the scientific facts regarding a male’s natural testosterone and how one’s body naturally loses its ability to produce it overtime.

Progression of Kim Jong Kook’s physique as shown on “Greg Doucette” | YouTube

He just keeps looking better. So what do I think? I think he’s on HRT (hormone replacement therapy). I don’t think he’s taking an abusive dosage, but it’s highly unlikely that someone who loves the gym this much and is making progress decade after decade is not taking something.

When you’re 45 years of age, you’re not going to have the testosterone levels of when you were 35 or 25. It’s just not possible, it doesn’t work like that.

— Greg Doucette

Greg Doucette concluded his claims by sharing his confidence in Kim Jong Kook’s alleged enhancement usage, as he “bets” a whopping $1 million USD on his self-proclaimed accusations.

Greg Doucette breaking down Kim Jong Kook’s physique progression | YouTube

If you had to bet $1 million USD or your life was on the line, gun was at your head and asked, ‘hey you have to pick one’—is he natural or he is enhanced? What would you say? I would say he is enhanced, not natural.

— Greg Doucette

| YouTube

Those are some interesting claims made by the bodybuilder. Be sure to watch Greg Doucette talk about Kim Jong Kook’s workouts and physique down below.

Source: Insight