More Than 1000 Korean Men Fall Victim To Hidden Camera Phishing — Their Personal Details And Compromising Videos Released Online

Here’s how they fell prey.

It was recently revealed that around 1,000 men fell victim to a hidden camera phishing scam. One of the victims revealed his story about how he got caught up in the phishing scam. According to the victim, identified as “Mr. A”, he met a woman through a dating app and exchanged social media details. After they took things off the app, they started a video call on another social media platform. During the video call, the woman attempted to further their relationship.

Despite still being practically strangers, Mr. A claims that the woman responded sexually during their video chat so he did not think twice about following suit in the same manner. However, as her requests grew odd, he began to suspect that it could be a phishing scam. Mr. A claims that the woman asked him to get into positions that would show certain body parts and also asked him to urinate while seated.

As his suspicions grew, he began to search foreign porn sites and found that she had been uploading videos of her victims in similar situations. He realized that his identity and voice had been leaked in an uploaded hidden camera video that revealed his body in compromised positions.

Folder of videos. | iMBC

Upon investigation, Korean media reporters found out that these videos were solicited via adult websites and social media. The perpetrator had been selling these videos through Twitter and online communities, with 4 videos selling for around $100 USD.

Reporters got in contact with someone who had purchased the videos and found out that the set included various photos of the victims in their daily lives, taken from their social media accounts. These would be given to consumers, along with the illegal video content.

Advertisements for the videos on social media. | iMBC

Investigations discovered that over 1,257 men had fallen victim to the perpetrator’s ploys. The list of victims included minors, army men, civil servants, dancers, college students, and more. She would include any personal details she knew as well, such as the victims’ real names, age, and place of work/university.

To prevent being caught, she would ask consumers to provide their identity cards and confirm their identity through a video call. It would also prevent her videos from being resold.

The unfortunate incident has since been made known to the police and an investigation is underway.

Source: iMBC