Bol4 Fan Tries To Justify Why He “Disrespected” Woo Jiyoon During A Fan Signing

But netizens aren’t buying it one bit.

A Bol4 fan recently came under fire when an old footage from a fan signing showed him disrespecting Woo Jiyoon by not taking her signature. Despite only have two members, the fan got Ahn Jiyoung‘s signature and proceeded to leave while ignoring Woo Jiyoon who was sitting right next to her.

After the video went viral, the male fan personally responded to the controversy. He tried to justify his actions as a mistake. He claimed he was so nervous that he accidentally missed Woo Jiyoon, despite her being his favorite member.

He repeatedly apologized for his actions and relayed his apologies to Woo Jiyoon too.

This is actually me.. I didn’t pass her on purpose. I was so nervous that I didn’t see her and passed her accidentally… I’m so sorry. I love Bol4, and I like Woo Jiyoon the best. I especially like ‘Fix Me’ for her rapping part, and I frequently wonder why they don’t let her release a song when she sings wellㅠㅠ When I heard of her departure from the group, I was very sad and spent the whole day in a daze.

After getting the signature, I didn’t realize after returning to my seat and I tried to go back but it wasn’t the right situation so I was depressed.. But my friend who came with me said he didn’t bring something to get signed so he got signatures for me on my album.

I’m so sorry.. I brought vitamins to give them but I was so nervous that I forgot to give them that too.. I’m so sorry.

I never meant to disrespect Woo Jiyoon. It was only because I was so nervous. I’m so sorry..

After seeing the video and writing this message, I’m shaking again and in a daze. I’m so sorry. I’m also very sorry to Woo Jiyoon..

— Male Fan

He also uploaded the photo of the albums that he got signed that day. One album showed only Ahn Jiyoung’s signature, while the other one showed both. Although his friend got the signature for him on the 2nd album, his friend made sure to get the male fan’s name on it.

Despite his justification, fans and netizens didn’t believe his excuses. They pointed out that it was hard to believe someone forgetting to get their favorite member’s signature when there were only two members.

“Is it possible to forget one out of the two members just because you’re nervous??? It just sounds like excuses”

“How can you pass Woo Jiyoon when you like her more than Ahn Jiyoung? It’s just an excuse”

“He should’ve left out the part about liking Woo Jiyoon more… A lot of people aren’t going to believe you”

“Even if you were that nervous how can you not see your bias Woo Jiyoon and pass her? What kind of sh*tty excuse is thatㅋㅋ”

“Who would believe this…?”

“If you watch the clip closely.. The guy nods his head at Woo Jiyoon. That’s why Woo Jiyoon awkwardly smiles and waves back at him. He clearly knew Woo Jiyoon was there but was embarrassed to leave without acknowledging her so he only gave her a small nod. In one word, it’s bullsh*t~~”

— Netizens

The male fan tried to convey his story again with another photo of all of his Bol4 albums. He repeatedly apologized for his mistake.


I’m really a fan of Bol4. I’m so sorry. I even ditched school to go to that fan signing. I made a mistake because I was so nervous. I’m so sorryㅠㅠ

— Male Fan

Woo Jiyoon had recently announced her departure from the group. Bol4 will continue only with Ahn Jiyoung, who wrote a sincere letter to the fans about Jiyoon’s departure.

Watch the controversy fan signing below:

Source: Instiz and Nate Pann