BOL4’s Ahn Ji Young Posts Sincere Letter to Fans Following Woo Ji Yoon’s Departure From the Group

Ahn Ji Young took to her fan cafe to share a letter to fans regarding her thoughts on Woo Ji Yoon’s departure.

In light of the recent news that BOL4‘s Woo Ji Yoon will be leaving the group, Ahn Ji Young took to their fan cafe to share a letter to fans regarding her thoughts on the matter.

The translated letter reads as follows:

Hello, this is Ji Young.

First, I’d like to apologize for the sudden news. You’ve all showered us with love while we were a duo so the thought of how upset our fans must be makes my heart feel heavy and sorry.

Up until Ji Yoon made this decision, I think she’d been contemplating it for quite some time. When she first told me, I was surprised and a little upset, but I also know that she must’ve thought about this a lot to come to such a decision. After talking about it for quite some time, Ji Yoon’s thoughts were clear, and I decided to respect her decision.

During our 10 years together, Woo Ji Yoon gave it her all in everything she did. She was an all-round entertainer who was good at everything. So as a friend, I think it’s time that I show her my support. We won’t be able to perform together any longer, but we’ll cheer each other on and share how we’re doing with fans from time to time.

Now, I’ll be continuing BOL4 on my own. I’m afraid and a little nervous. But I also think this is my chance to take responsibility and do my part. After all, I promised to gift you with good songs every album and concert.

I put a lot of emotion into my upcoming album. Please take a look to see what emotions and stories it contains. Just like we’ve always said, I’ll be sure to repay you with honesty and the precious emotions of youth.

Our lovelies, who made our last 3 years of BOL4 shine brighter than ever. Thank you for always loving us and cheering us on. I’ll be sure to cheer on Ji Yoon on her fresh start and make sure to repay you with a better Ji Young as BOL4.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Ahn Ji Young of BOL4.

– Ahn Ji Young

Source: Dispatch
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