Former BOL4 Member Woo Ji Yoon to Make Solo Debut This Month

Who’s ready for a song containing only Woo Ji Yoon’s vocals?

Just months after BOL4‘s announcement of the member, Woo Ji Yoon‘s departure from the duo, the singer-songwriter announced her solo debut through her personal Instagram account.

The post consists of a photo that fans predict to be the logo for her upcoming song, and the caption reads,

On my way to the summer that I love,

2020.06.18 6PM Release

– Woo Ji Yoon

Back in April, Shofar Music announced,

Woo Ji Yoon expressed her desire to leave BOL4 after contemplation about her personal path, and after much thought, we decided to respect her wishes.

– Shofar Music

Shortly after, Woo Ji Yoon herself shared a personal letter expressing,

I went through a process of seriously thinking about my future, and I decided that this is an important time for me to attempt a new challenge before it’s too late.

– Woo Ji Yoon

Following Woo Ji Yoon’s departure, Ahn Ji Young recently made a comeback as a solo artist, and fans are now anticipating Woo Ji Yoon’s solo debut through a song that will contain her voice and her voice only.

Fingers crossed for Woo Ji Yoon’s successful solo debut!

Source: Dispatch