BTS Fans Criticize “Bon Voyage 4” Editors For “Disrespectful” Captions

They are calling for Big Hit Entertainment to make changes.

BTS‘s Bon Voyage 4 is receiving criticism for captions that some fans are calling “disrespectful”.


Like Run BTS!, BTS’s travel-reality show adds captions to each episode for clarity and humor. Usually, fans love the editors’ commentary, but lately, Bon Voyage 4‘s Korean captions have rubbed viewers the wrong way.


K-ARMY pointed out four meanspirited captions that appear to “disrespect” Jin by using overly critical words and a rude, blaming tone. According to fans, and Jimin have also received the same treatment.


The first caption says, “Are you guys actually serious?”, followed by…


…“Jin did well when we thought he was only making a lot of noise.”


Caption three says, “Stop talking and start paying”


…and the fourth says, “You’d be halfway there if you got up, Jin”.


Depending on the translation, the severity of these captions can change. Some Korean speakers took issue with the captions, but others did not.


At first, international fans were unaware of the issue because their translated captions did not cause the same stir. Now, however, many I-ARMYs are reaching out to Big Hit Entertainment and encouraging others to do the same.