“You Can See My Boobs?” — Jessi Has One “Complaint” About The Media’s Coverage Of Her

Jessi always says what is on her mind.

Jessi, one K-Pop’s most outspoken and talented soloists, recently returned with “Gum.” As part of her promotions for the track, she appeared on the weekly series KStarNextDoor, where she and host Jonathan discussed many parts of her career.

Jessi and Jonathan | KStarNextDoor

During one show segment, Jonathan and Jessi discussed some of the idol’s nicknames, including “sexy thug.” Jessi is known for both her free mind and the way she has no problem about showing off her body in sexy outfits during performances.

Jonathan talks about a specific article about Jessi and her sexiness, and she asks him to read it. When he informs her of the title “Jessi. A Plateful of Sexy Lips Like Jolie,” she seems a little confused.

She then takes Jonathan’s cue cards and shows them to the camera, saying, “You can see my boobs and my butt,” questioning why her lips were talked about instead.

The two have a moment of realization together, recognizing that the media likely avoid speaking in that way because “the reporters can’t.

This hilarious “criticism” Jessi has shows exactly how her personality is! You can check out the full episode below.