“The Box” Starring EXO’s Chanyeol Receives Rave Reviews In South Korea

“If you need a heartwarming movie to heal your soul, this is it.”

Half a year after its release, scores for The Box starring EXO‘s Chanyeol were finally updated on the NAVER Movie Database, showing just how well it was received by audiences in South Korea!

The Box promotional poster | Studio Take/Cine Pilwoon Co., Ltd.

Not only did the film get an 8.76/10 in netizen ratings overall, but it had a surprisingly diverse audience in terms of gender and age. The viewership was split almost perfectly down the middle at a 50:50 male to female ratio (rounded), and the numbers calculating interest from 10-50+ years old were also quite even.

The Box | NAVER Movie Database

In addition to its impressive stats, the actual reviews people left about the movie were stellar, with many praising its beautiful OST as well as the intense emotional pull.

  • “From the music to the plot, everything was so moving. And whenever the soundtrack started playing, it felt so satisfying. If I get a chance, I’ll definitely watch it again.”
  • “What a great movie! If you need a heartwarming movie to heal your soul, this is it.”
  • “It’s good to have another musical movie come out! This was a good watch. It felt like I was on a trip the whole time I was watching. How fun!”
  • “There’s so much to hear and see in this. It’s the perfect movie to watch in a pandemic, since we can’t go on trips right now. It was like living vicariously through the movie.”
  • “The plot moves quickly, which I loved. The songs sounded beautiful too. I had a great time watching.”
The Box reviews | NAVER Movie Database

Chanyeol himself was also quite popular among film critics, with writers from both American and South Korean entertainment news websites applauding his vocal and acting skills.

Aside from the beautifully rendered vocals and acoustics, the story was heart-warming and showed off a very different side to Chanyeol; his cuteness, introversion and most vulnerable moments were laid bare to the camera as he completely immersed himself into Ji Hoon’s character.

— Bryan Tan/Yahoo Lifestyle

Fans are able to delve into another world with The Box, which showcases Chanyeol’s husky voice and talent when it comes to playing various musical instruments… Chanyeol’s singing will trap viewers’ hearts, but his devastatingly good looks also radiate and will have everyone enamoured.

— Aqilah/The Seoul Story

The Box teaser image | Studio Take/Cine Pilwoon Co., Ltd.

Have you seen The Box yet?

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle and The Seoul Story Review


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