Boy Group D-CRUNCH Members Hyunwook And O.V Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Get well soon, boys.

Boy group D-CRUNCH members Hyunwook and O.V have tested positive for coronavirus.

The group’s agency AI GRAND KOREA made the announcement through their press release earlier today.

Hello, this is AI GRAND KOREA.

Our artists, D-CRUNCH members Hyunwook and O.V, have tested positive for coronavirus.

Both Hyunwook and O.V were recently tested as a voluntary precautionary measure as they both recently felt a minor illness  and they were confirmed positive on April 24.

They have both immediately halted their activities and went into self-isolation. They are following necessary measures outlined by the health authorities.

All our agency employees, staff, and D-CRUNCH members who were in contact with Hyunwook and O.V will be getting tested and we will release a follow up later.

D-CRUNCH’s schedules have been suspended for the time being and we will announce the resumption of activities later through their fancafe.

We will actively cooperate with the government’s policy for risk assessment and disinfection of the company, and do our best to manage our artists.

We are sorry for causing concern.


  1. Those in the entertainment industry are worried about a new wave of cases, as many celebrities have recently confirmed positive tests. Actor Kwon Hyuk Soo, musical actor Son Jun Ho, and golfer Park Se Ri are some of the most recent cases.
Source: Star News