Boy Group MYNAME Disbands After More Than 8 Years Of Promotions

The group has disbanded.

H2 Media has announced that their boy group MYNAME will no longer be promoting together after the contracts for each member expired recently. The contracts for all 5 members, Gunwoo, Insoo, Seyong, Jun.Q, and Chaejin, recently expired.

H2 Media released a statement thanking their fans for their support for the past 8+ years, and pledged their continued support in the future.

Recently, the period of exclusive contract for MYNAME expired.

We would like to sincerely thank the fans for showing their love and support for such a long time. We have ended activities as the group MYNAME, but we will continue to fully support the members as they strive to achieve greater growth in their respective fields.

— H2 Media

According to the agency, Gunwoo will focus on music while Insoo will focus on musicals and acting. Seyong, Jun.Q, and Chaejin will all be active in a variety of fields, including acting.

Source: Osen
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