New BTS’s Jungkook Photos From 7 Years Ago Unexpectedly Released By Another Idol’s Fansite

This is next level gatekeeping!

BOYNEXTDOOR‘s Jaehyun is often likened to BTS‘s maknae Jungkook in terms of both talents and appearance.


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So, Jaehyun fansite TheThirdDoor (@jh_thethirddoor on X) celebrated April Fools’ Day by sharing photos not of their bias but of Jungkook! Historically, fansites would post pictures of other idols on April 1.

BTS’s Jungkook at his graduation | @jh_thethirddoor/X
| @jh_thethirddoor/X
| @jh_thethirddoor/X

#Jungkook_sunbaenim whom Jaehyun_respects
#AprilFoolsDay #FoolsDay

— @jh_thethirddoor/X

What surprised netizens most was not that TheThirdDoor shared photos of another idol but that the first group of photos shared was of Jungkook’s high school graduation… seven years ago! The post went viral with over 4.5M views at the time of writing.

That was not all. TheThirdDoor shared photos of Jungkook from the 2020 Golden Disc Awards, making one wonder if they were originally a Jungkook fansite before becoming a fan of Jaehyun.

| @jh_thethirddoor/X
| @jh_thethirddoor/X

Netizens are in awe that this fansite held onto so many great photos of Jungkook for all these years! They wonder what else fansites are “hiding.”

ARMYs also pointed out the hilarity of a Jaehyun fansite posting photos of Jungkook, as they could even be mistaken for one another at first glance.

This is an iconic April Fools’ prank!

Source: jh_thethirddoor
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