This “Boys Planet” Trainee Was Once On A Highly Popular Netflix Show

Did you know this?

Boys Planet has just kicked off, but its trainees are already fast gaining popularity. With the ultimate goal of creating a debut group, trainees from around the world joined the reality survival program.

In particular, trainee Jeon Ho Young is rising in recognition. Fans recognized him from his days as a child actor. His resume is still short, but it is impactful, starring in shows such as Ghost Doctor and Yumi’s Cells. He was a welcome familiar face on Boys Planet!

Born in 2004, he has only been a trainee for 11 months under Wi Entertainment.

Not only did he star in famous K-Dramas, but he also had a rather significant role in a globally acclaimed Netflix movie. Does anyone remember the hit teen romance, To All The Boys I’ve Loved? Jeon Ho Young had a cameo in the last movie in the trilogy, Always and Forever. He played youngest sister Kitty’s love interest in the show.

Although brief, fans were eager to see him reprise the role in the spinoff, XO, Kitty. Unfortunately, he was replaced for unknown reasons. Perhaps it was due to a career switch into the idol world! He confirmed his past appearance in his PR video.

As I studied in an international school in Turkey, I speak English. And so, thankfully, I was able to get the opportunity to appear in various works such as To All The Boys I Loved.

⁠— Jeon Ho Young

What an unexpected twist!

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