The “Boys Planet” Chinese Contestants Come Under Fire For Their “Rude Behavior” Towards Fellow Global Trainee Na Kamden

Yet, many believe it’s all because of Mnet’s editing!

When it comes to Mnet and the shows they create, netizens have always criticized them for their “Evil editing” and for making trainees look bad. Even with the new show Boys Planet, netizens believe Mnet has been aiming to create drama to help views.

Recently, netizens have mixed feelings about the portrayal of the Chinese contestants after being shown as rude.

“Boys Planet” poster | Mnet

In a clip from the previous episode, netizens noticed that FNC Entertainment‘s Na Kamden, who was part of the global team due to being American, became the team leader of a group with predominantly Chinese members.

In the clip, Kamden is shown to get frustrated as the episode shows the Chinese contestants speaking over him and interrupting him when making suggestions.

Na Kamden was chosen as the G-Group leader (in pink and orange top) | Mnet

| Mnet   

In particular, in the end, Kamden shares his frustration with not being heard by the members.

| Mnet

Mnet also shows a clip of the trainee crying, and, due to the placement and previous clips, it makes it seem like he was hurt and upset because of the rest of his group.

| Mnet 

When the clip was released, netizens criticized the other contestants for seemingly cutting off Kamden every time he spoke. In particular, they raised anger at the trainees who could understand English, which included Krystian.

While Korean netizens seemed to be criticizing Chen Jian Yu, explaining that although he doesn’t speak English, it’s clear that he is cutting Kamden off.

Annoying. I f*cking voted up to now for Chen Jian Yu because he was handsome but he cuts people’s words off and he also said some shit like we should give the role to Krystian. My votes are now going to Na Camden until you clear things up or until it’s sure that it’s evil editing.

— Korean OP

I’m seeing lots of shielding for Chen Jianyu cuz he can’t understand english but aside from that, he just keeps cutting people’s words off and saying what he wants to. I think that’s just as rude.

— Korean Op 2

Yet, while many netizens criticized the behavior of the contestants, others especially found ways to defend Krystian.

As one of the only people to understand English, it seemed like the trainee was translating Kamden’s words and changing them into Mandarin for the others to understand, with some changes in the way he relayed the message.

Kamden: So is Chen Jian Yu debating if he should do sub-rapper one?”

Krystian: Does anyone else want to try…?

| Mnet 

Although it seems like he was doing the same as the others in the group by talking over Kamden, many defended the young idol for being the middle ground to help ease the language barrier.

Although the timing made it seem like he was interrupting Kamden, they also explained that it seemed like Mnet was up to their old tricks with “Evil-editing” to create more drama.

While some even noticed that the crying scene seemed to be filmed at a completely different time compared to the initial scene.

One Korean netizen shared a photo of Kamdem, and his microphone placement and earring placement were completely different in the two shots.

Although Kamden would undoubtedly have felt uncomfortable about being interrupted, the full context of what Krystian was saying should’ve been explained.

You can read more about the evil editing on Boys Planet below.

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