Mnet Comes Under Fire After Netizens Criticize The Evil Editing Of “Boys Planet” — Before The Show Has Even Started

Unsurprisingly, Mnet seems to be capitalizing on veteran idol Hui!

Mnet is known for its reality shows. Next month, the newest show, Boys Planet, is set to start airing in February, and netizens are anticipating what to expect from the series. Yet, the show hasn’t even started, and netizens are already criticizing Mnet for their “evil editing.”

One of the first posters for “Boys Planet” | Mnet

Ahead of the show’s premiere in February, Mnet released a teaser of what fans can expect from the show.

Unsurprisingly, the video started off dramatically with one of the contestants wondering whether the Korean and global trainees could work together. After another responded, “To be honest, that can’t be,” the scenes switch to more competitive scenes.

During one of the first teaser clips, netizens couldn’t hide how uncomfortable it felt after seeing some of the contestants who were deemed “weak.”

They received negative responses from the judges for their performances. Considering they are all trainees, it seems harsh to allow them on if they weren’t prepared.

Yet, the main concern for “Evil-editing” came in regard to PENTAGON‘s Hui. Netizens were shocked when the veteran idol and songwriter made an appearance only a month after being discharged from the army.

PENTAGON’s Hui | Mnet

He was the main focus of the video as the idol walked onto the stage, and even the trainees were shocked to see him.

His words also hit an emotional chord as Hui explained, “I would like them to say ‘You’re good.’ To listen to those comments. I’ve been on stage for more than ten years. I’ve…been living for .. that!”

After finishing his rendition of BLACKPINK‘s “Shut Down,” netizens were shocked to hear comments such as “What’s going on?” and “A bit worse than I thought,” along with Hui in tears before adding, “I wasn’t as cool as I thought.”

It seems impossible that Hui’s performance could’ve had those responses as his years of talent were on show in the video. Yet, when looking closely at the video, netizens quickly noticed that the traditional pyramid ranking system showed Hui in the top spot.

A Korean outlet reported that netizens had believed that Mnet was going to cause issues, with one adding, “It looks like ‘Produce’ has revived,” referring to shows like Produce 101.

When the video was shared, the comments were also full of international netizens sharing their anger at using Hui for views, especially considering the thumbnail. Others pointed out that it’s important for netizens not to believe everything Mnet does because of the history of “Evil-editing.”

Yet, it isn’t the first time Mnet has been criticized for “Evil editing.” In 2021, Mnet aired the counterpart to Boys Planet with their show Girls Planet 999. 

They also had an already debuted idol with Yujin, and they played to the emotions of the idol throughout. One of the stand-out moments was when contestant Fu Yaning was set to cover CLC‘s track “Helicopter.” She then went on to “diss” Yujin right in front of her face as she went to rap, “We go up! But you don’t.”

In an interview following the show, she explained that it wasn’t her choice to make this comment toward Yujin during the episode and also criticized the editing from Mnet.

The mentors just had to make me say something. Yujin-unnie reacted nicely at the time. But, what you all saw after it was edited, wasn’t like that.

— Fu Yaning

As much as netizens expect a degree of evil editing, it seems like Mnet never ceases to shock fans with what they do to ensure high ratings.

You can read more about the show below.

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