Former “Girls Planet 999” Contestant Fu Yaning Reveals The Truth Behind Her “Diss” Towards Kep1er’s Choi Yujin

Fu Yaning spilled the tea on Mnet’s “evil” editing!

When Mnet first announced their newest show, Girls Planet 999, fans were excited to see the future of K-Pop. Yet, many also had reservations about it due to previous experiences with Mnet and accusations of “evil editing.”

One moment that caught the attention of fans and had them talking was in one of the show’s early episodes, which featured Chinese contestant Fu Yaning.

Former “Girls Planet 999” contestant Fu Yaning | Mnet

During the August 6 episode, Fu Yaning was set to cover CLC‘s track “Helicopter” and was asked to say something to Choi Yujin, a fellow contestant and member of CLC. After this, Fu Yaning then went on to “diss” Yujin right in front of her face as she went to rap, “We go up! But you don’t.”

After the clip was shared on the show, many netizens criticized Fu Yaning for her lack of respect towards CLC and Yujin, but others chose to voice their anger towards Mnet and their history of “evil editing.”

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Yet, in a recent interview, Fu Yaning shared the truth of what actually happened behind the scenes.

During the interview, she explained just how good the atmosphere was between the contestants and how, in particular, she really respected Yujin. Yet, it seemed as if her first performance and “diss” moment stood out the most. When asked why, she added, “How can I not when they keep including that part in every episode?

In particular, she explained that it wasn’t her choice to make this comment towards Yujin during the episode and also criticized the editing from Mnet.

The mentors just had to make me say something. Yujin-unnie reacted nicely at the time. But, what you all saw after it was edited, wasn’t like that.

— Fu Yaning

However, the aftermath of the clip impacted Fu Yaning the most, and it showcased just how much she didn’t enjoy how Mnet portrayed her. When it first aired, she explained that her fellow Chinese contestants phoned her to see if she was okay.

Perhaps you all didn’t see there was anything wrong with me, but I was actually holding my tears back. I called my parents and said, ‘I feel so upset,’ and started crying. They were trying to convince me that it was okay. No one knows what the truth is.

— Fu Yaning

Although many suspected that it was scripted, this is the first time Fu Yaning has confirmed their thoughts. It is also clear that Fu Yaning is very close with Yujin, and during a recent broadcast, she even shared her love for the veteran idol.

Yujin unnie is a girl I really really treasure and like, sigh, because I don’t know how to put this, Yujin unnie, I miss you. I don’t know what she’s doing now. Is she really busy after forming the group? (Kep1er) I don’t know.

— Fu Yaning

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As seen in the past, more idols and contestants who have taken part in Mnet shows have spilled tea on the “evil” editing that takes place. Considering the image it showed of Fu Yaning, it is no surprise that she felt extremely emotional and stressed after the episode.

You can read more about Fu Yaning and her friendship with Choi Yujin below.

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