CLC’s Yujin Gets Dissed By Chinese Trainee Fu Yaning In “Girls Planet 999” Preview

Fans are NOT happy.

CLC‘s Yujin was previously reported to be joining Mnet‘s new survival program, Girls Planet 999.

CLC’s Yujin | Mnet

In a recent preview released by the show, she was seen being dissed by Chinese trainee Fu Yaning.

Fu Yaning | Mnet

When asked if she has any words for Yujin, Fu Yaning pointed at her and sang, “We go up…but you don’t.”

The moment the words left her mouth, the expressions of mentors Tiffany and Sunmi immediately changed.

The other contestants couldn’t believe what she said and covered their mouths in shock.

In a voice over, Fu Yaning continued, “I’ll conquer all 99 girls.

Yujin chose to keep quiet, but she didn’t look pleased with the situation.

Fans who viewed the preview were not happy with trainee Fu Yaning, claiming her words were unnecessarily harsh and predicting that she will take last place in the upcoming eliminations.

Meanwhile, fans urged others to vote for Yujin to ensure that she makes the debut lineup.

Watch the moment happen in the full video below.

Source: Mnet

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