Here’s What “Girls Planet 999” Former Contestant Fu Yaning Really Thinks About Kep1er’s Choi Yujin

It showcases the editing from Mnet!

Although fans fell in love with the contestants on Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999 reality show, there was a lot of criticism from fans about the editing and manipulating the audience to believe or interpret comments in certain ways.

Aside from showcasing the contestants’ talent, it was also about entertainment, and Mnet has been known to edit or exaggerate certain moments.

The contestants on “Girls Planet 999” | Mnet/ YouTube

In particular, one moment that caught the attention of fans was the interaction between Fu Yaning and Choi Yujin. During the evaluation stages, Fu Yaning’s group performed “Helicopter,” which is the track from Yujin’s group CLC.

Before their performances, the mentors asked Fu Yaning if she had any words for Choi Yujin. Fu Yaning then looked up to her and sang, “We go up, but you don’t.”

| Mnet/ YouTube 

Yet, it seems as if the initial hostility seen between the two is far from the truth of their relationship. In a recent Instagram Live, Fu Yaning spoke to fans about what she’s been doing and, in particular, the friendship with Yujin.

During the broadcast, when asked about Yujin, she had the kindest words to say about her.

Yujin unnie is a girl I really really treasure and like, sigh, because I don’t know how to put this, Yujin unnie, I miss you. I don’t know what she’s doing now. Is she really busy after forming the group? (Kep1er) I don’t know.

— Fu Yaning

| @fuyaning_fyn/ Instagram 

Fu Yaning then shared a message to Yujin, and it was definitely enough to prove that Mnet purposefully created a dramatic scene between them for more views. Fu Yaning shared, “Yujin unnie, what are you doing? I miss you.”

| @fuyaning_fyn / Instagram

It isn’t the first time that fans have seen the reality of the friendship between the two, and it seems as if it became more and more evident as the series continued. For example, when they were announcing the final lineup, Fu Yaning was seen pointing at Yujin as if she knew for certain that her fellow contestant would make it.

| Mnet/ YouTube

If that wasn’t enough, Mnet recently released behind-the-scenes footage from the final. Amongst the sea of contestants, eagle-eyed fans noticed Yujin and Fu Yaning speaking to each other very emotionally after the results were announced. It came with many other times, towards the end of the show, where the two seemed close.

| Mnet/ YouTube
| Mnet/ YouTube

Fu Yaning also posted a picture of the two of them on Weibo, and it was far from the relationship showcased on the show through the editing.

| Fu Yaning/ Weibo

As expected, despite the attempts at Mnet to showcase a rivalry between the two, Yujin and Fu Yaning seem as close as ever. Considering both of them went through a stressful experience in the show, it is no surprise that they became so close and hopefully, fans will see more interactions between them soon.

Source: YouTube

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