“Boys Planet” Contestant Ji Yunseo Gains Attention After It’s Revealed He’s Related To A Top Third Generation Female Idol

The trainee has always been a firm supporter of the idol!

Mnet is in the midst of airing its newest survival show, Boys Planet. Trainees and idols from different companies are competing for a chance to debut in a new group and are set a series of challenges and performances.

“Boys Planet” poster | Mnet

When the show first started, netizens were introduced to a huge number of talented idols and trainees from across the world.

The first introduction of the contestants | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube   

Unsurprisingly, everyone wanted to know everything about the contestants. While some were already known for various reasons, including already having debuted, pre-debut videos, or reality show appearances, some were much less known.

One of those was Yueha Entertainment‘s Ji Yunseo.

Ji Yunseo | Mnet

The idol’s profile shared that Yunseo is a 04′ liner, revealing some of his skills and talents.

Yunseo’s profile | Mnet

Even in his performances and videos posted by Mnet, Yunseo has talent and gained attention from netizens. In particular, even those who had never heard of Yunseo suddenly shared their support for the young trainee.



Before the show started, there were rumors that Yunseo was related to a famous third-generation girl group member. On social media, netizens shared that Yunseo was actually the cousin of TWICE‘s Nayeon!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @nayeonnyny/Instagram

Of course, since TWICE debuted, Nayeon has gained attention for her immense talent and, following her solo debut, continued to capture the hearts of fans with her skills, visuals, and charisma.

Nayeon with TWICE for “Talk That Talk”

Nayeon’s solo debut | JYP Entertainment/YouTube    

While it has been an ongoing joke to say that certain trainees are related to idols, there is actual proof that has been shared showing the two together.

Although the images seem old, it is clear that the people in the photos are Nayeon and Yunseo…

Nayeon and Yunseo | Wikitree

| Wikitree

| Wikitree

Along with the other TWICE members.

Yunseo with Momo and Sana | Wikitree

After the rumors from netizens, Yueha Entertainment wanted to set it straight and revealed that the two were actually cousins, adding, “Ji Yunseo’s aunt is the mother of TWICE’s Nayeon.”

The statement from Yueha | Wikitree

Although Yunseo has not mentioned Nayeon during the show, it isn’t surprising that two very talented people are related. It seems like talent and visuals must run in all families of idols, as it was also revealed that Jihyo‘s sister is set to make her acting debut.

You can read more about the family of TWICE below.

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Source: Wikitree

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