TWICE Jihyo’s Younger Sister Is Set To Make Her Acting Debut, And Netizens Believe She Resembles BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Visuals and talent must run in the family!

TWICE‘s Jihyo is definitely one of the most talented and beautiful idols in K-Pop. Along with the rest of the members, she continues to wow netizens with her beauty, amazing singing, and charming personality.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

Since debuting, Jihyo has always gained attention for her unreal talent, visuals, and presence on-stage. It seems unfair for her to be so beautiful and talented…


Well, it seems like Jihyo’s unreal visuals and talent must be hereditary.

Jihyo with her family

This time, the attention is on Park Young. On Instagram, the 02′ liner has always showcased her visuals and charisma to those following her.

Park Ji Young with sister Jihyo | @eeaeum/Instagram
| @eeaeum/Instagram

Yet, she has gained attention as it seems like Ji Young is officially set to make her debut… as an actress.

On Instagram, Star Haus made an official post revealing that Jihyo’s sister would be making her acting debut with the company under the name Lee Ha Eum. In the photos, Ha Eum boasted unreal visuals and truly allowed her charisma to shine.

| @starhaus.official/Instagram
| @starhaus.official/Instagram
| @starhaus.official/Instagram
| @starhaus.official/Instagram

As expected, the budding actress looks phenomenal in her photos and really has the aura of someone who belongs in K-Dramas. In the video shared by the company, Lee Ha Eum’s visuals shine even more, and she truly seems like a natural in front of the camera.

When the news was released on social media, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement, with some even hoping that Jihyo might be able to one day sing an OST for a K-Drama her sister is starring in.

In particular, in new shots released ahead of her acting debut, Korean media has reported that netizens’ reactions to the photos have been positive. In particular, one outlet revealed that the trainee actress’s visuals were being compared to none other than BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

To this, fans stated, ‘Wow, she’s really pretty,’ ‘She looks like Jennie,’ ‘She’s cute,’ among others. And wrote supportive messages such as “She has superior genes. I hope she meets a good project and succeeds soon.

— SportsChosun

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Even some international fans saw the resemblance and shared their thoughts on social media.

Hopefully, it isn’t long before Jihyo, and Lee Ha Eum get to meet for work because it will not only be a visual explosion but a showcase of their family’s talent.

You can read more about Jihyo’s sister already gaining attention below.

TWICE Jihyo’s Younger Sister Surprises Netizens With Her Stunning Visuals

Source: Sports Chosun and @starhaus.official

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