Boys Planet Contestant Sung Hanbin Comes Under Scrutiny For Liking Influencer’s Pictures

“His ‘good-boy’ image just came crashing down…”

Netizens were divided after it was revealed that Boys Planet contestant Sung Hanbin had liked several photos of one of his schoolmates.

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On March 20, a post went viral on an online community. The post titled “The Pictures Of A Woman That Sung Hanbin Liked” was viewed over 96K times as of this writing.

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In the post, the author posts several photos of an influencer who the author alleges is a former idol and a former schoolmate of Sung Hanbin. The photos show Sung Hanbin has liked several of the influencer’s photos.

The post’s author then criticizes Sung Hanbin for liking the photos and dismisses the idea that the Boys Planet contestant may have liked the photos out of his friendship with the influencer.

Sung Hanbin likes (women’s) bodies… She is also a former idol — it seems she isn’t anymore. Some say he liked the photos because they are schoolmates, but people don’t like photos like this because they are schoolmates, LOL. He liked the photos because he liked the photos. They seem to be close. Also, they are still following one another.

— Post author

Netizens were divided over the post, with some coming to the defense of the idol while others criticized Sung Hanbin for publicly liking the photos.

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  • “Her account isn’t a weird account. The influencer runs an online shopping mall and is an acquaintance and former schoolmate of Sung Hanbin. Those who are criticizing (Sung Hanbin) for liking photos are proving they have no social skills, so please think before you write.”
  • “You mean he was doing that with this face and not his current face, LOL. Seeing how he also liked Kim Chaewon’s photo, he’s been doing the things that every Korean men do.”
  • “This is so shocking. His ‘good-boy’ image is now destroyed.”
  • “I thought she was someone who posted NSFW things, but I was shocked to find that it was just a normal shopping mall. Besides the ones in which she is marketing her clothes, all pictures are normal photos.”
  • “He also liked normal photos of her, but look how the (author) posted only these photos. Their intentions are so clear.”
  • “How is it that everything about him is a turnoff?”

Sung Hanbin is a popular contestant on Mnet‘s Boys Planet. The idol is currently ranked first in the competition. Recently, the contestant made news when a shirtless photo of the idol with women surfaced.

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Source: nate pann