Two “Boys Planet” Contestants Go Viral For Their Different But Somehow Similar Performances Of 2PM’s “My House”

Something about them draws you in.

Boys Planet just started and things are already getting good. The first episode was a heated battle as trainees good-naturedly auditioned against each other in a level test. Many trainees performed the same songs, with NCT 127‘s “Kick It,” SEVENTEEN‘s “HOT,” and 2PM‘s “My House” being favorites. Two contestants, Park Doha and Jeong Mingyu, both performed “My House.”

Little did they know that they would both go viral! Both men tried their absolute best. While their auditions were definitely not bad, they had an odd charm to it that was both amusing and attractive.

Doha stumbled a little during the shuffle step.

The judges couldn’t take their eyes off him.

His confident smile got the judges nodding along to the dance step.

They all agreed that he was indeed charming.

Doha’s audition soon went viral on Twitter, with over 265,000 views.

Jeong Mingyu also had an inexplicable charm about him.

His dance may be a little stiff, but it brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

No one can deny that he tried his best!

Mingyu’s audition circulated with over 93,000 views on Twitter.

The two also were requested to dance together as they somehow performed in a similar way.

A post that likened the two soon racked up views on a community site. The lovable pair fully entertained everyone.

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  • “The show became a comedy…”
  • “But they’re both handsome LOL.”
  • “LOL, it’s so funny I’m crying LOL.”
  • “They both work together so well, LOL It’s still funny even if I watch it again.”
  • “It’s so out of pocket that it’s so funny. Ah, my stomach.”
  • “LOL, you’re saying that the trainee training team at entertainment companies has been watching such fun things all this while?”

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Source: theqoo

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