“Boys Planet” Eliminates Three Fan Favorites, Leaving Viewers Heartbroken

We wish them the best!

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Over the last few weeks, Boys Planet viewers have been able to grow attached to the contestants on the show. This is arguably the most challenging part of watching elimination programs because your favorites could be eliminated at any given point.

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Episode six saw the ninety-three contestants reduced to fifty-two. Through pre-show interviews and appearances, fans grew to love many individuals that ultimately were eliminated.

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The final Boys Planet group will have just nine members and serve as the “first” fifth-generation K-Pop group with their debut.

In episodes six and seven, the trainees participated in their second mission — a dual position battle where contestants had to perform one of twelve songs divided into three categories. Some of these performances, like the “ACES” unit, received much attention on social media platforms.

Episode eight began the second-ranking announcement by announcing the lower placements before announcing the top three. Ultimately, Sung Hanbin took the first ranking while Hiroto placed 28th.

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This means several fan favorites like Anthonny, Krystian, and Park Jihoo were eliminated from the show.

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Fans were heartbroken to see them leave but have high hopes for their futures!

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