“Boys Planet” Reveals The Top 18 Trainees Ahead Of The Final — With Some Heartbreaking Eliminations

With a week to the final, it was an important moment for the trainees!

With only a week until the final of Mnet‘s Boys Planet, the most recent eliminations took place with some shocking changes in ranks and heartbreaking eliminations.

The “Boys Planet” poster | Mnet

Going into the recent episode, the top nine were very close, with many of the contestants changing positions, but Sung Han Bin remained at the top again.

The top 9 rankings ahead of the episode | Mnet

Ahead of the final on April 20, it was the final eliminations to see who would be able to fight for a chance to debut. Although it was not announced in any order, here is a look at all the participants who made the top 18.

1. Sung Han Bin

2. Zhang Hao

3. Kim Ji Woong

4. Kim Tae Rae

5. Han Yu Jin

6. Keita

7. Kim Gyu Vin

8. Ricky – First time in the Top 9

9. Seok Matthew

While the top nine are not safe, they would be the ones debuting if it was the final. Yet, nine other contestants who ranked from 10-18 are also through and will be battling to move higher in the ranks for a chance to debut.

  • 10. Lee Hoe Taek (PENTAGON’s Hui)
  • 11. Park Han Bin
  • 12. Park Gun Wook
  • 13. Jay
  • 14. Yoo Seung Eon
  • 15. Yoon Jong Woo
  • 16. Kim Jun Hyeon
  • 17. Lee Jeong Hyeon
  • 18. Na Kamden

Yet, while all of those who were eliminated broke the hearts of fans, some particularly stood out as heartbreaking for fans. For many, the hardest were the likes of Cha Woongki, Wang Zi Hao (after his mistreatment from the show with screentime), Haruto, and many more.

If that wasn’t sad enough for fans, the whole “SuperCharger” team was eliminated. When the teams were created after the last elimination, they were the group of those who were deemed “the weakest” and had gained support as the underdogs.

With the final set, it will be interesting to see whether the rankings change and how the popularity of contestants balances with the talent in determining the final lineup.

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