Netizens React To The Shocking Inequality Of Screen Time Each “Boys Planet” Contestant Received In Recent Episodes

One trainee seemingly had more time than most of the contestants combined!

Mnet is nearing the end of their new reality show Boys Planet, which sees contestants from worldwide fighting for a chance to debut in a new boy group.

However, amidst allegations of manipulation, the show has gained attention for the uneven and unfair screen time distribution between the contestants.

The poster for “Boys Planet” | Mnet

Ahead of the final on April 20, Mnet revealed the ranking of the contestants. It was shocking in itself as many fan favorites from the Korean and Global teams found their ranks dropping and putting them in danger of not debuting.

The top 9 ranked after the recent episodes | Mnet
Those in places 10-28 | Mnet
The contestants at the bottom of the ranking | Mnet

Ahead of the upcoming episode on April 13, Korean netizens have collected data to show the shocking difference in the time each contestant is shown on screen. The statistics focused on the amount of time each was shown individually and focused on.

On the graphic, the OP had written the names of each contestant and then the time they appeared on the secret mission, and then the actual performances.

The statistics from an OP looking at the screen time for missions and the performance | Nate Pann
1. Junhyeon
2. Kim Gyuvin
3. Kim Ji Woong
4. Kim Tae Rae
5. Park Gun Wook
6. Park Han Bin
7. Seowon
8. Sung Han Bin
9. Yoo Seung Eon
10. Yoon Jong Wo
11. Lee Seung Hwan
12. Lee Jung Hyun
13. Lee Heo Taek
14. Cha Woong Gi
15. Han Yu Jin
16. Na Kamden
17. Ricky
18. Seok Matthew
19. Ollie
20. Wang Zi Hao
21. Zhang Shuai Bo
22. Zhang Hao
23. Jay
24. Chen Kuai Jui
25. Keita
26. Takuto
27. Haruto
28. Hiroto

When the statistics were shared online, netizens couldn’t believe the disparity between the contestants and how many of the top contestants were receiving significantly less screen time. In particular, while one of the favorites, Seok Matthew, got over eight minutes, the Chinese trainees Wang Zi Hao and Zhang Shuai Bo had no time.

Even when different statistics were posted on Reddit, focusing on the practice room alone, the post received hundreds of comments from fans who were confused by what they’d seen.

Screentime analysis for ep 9-10
by u/Butterscotch335 in BoysPlanet

Of course, the numbers focus on the scenes specific to each contestant, but the fact that Matthew had over 16 minutes, compared to other trainees with literally seconds, shocked fans. In particular, like the previous graph, Shuai Bo again had no screen time.

by u/MamasGottaDance from discussion Screentime analysis for ep 9-10
in BoysPlanet

by u/MeteorShots from discussion Screentime analysis for ep 9-10
in BoysPlanet

by u/Big_Tomorrow886 from discussion Screentime analysis for ep 9-10
in BoysPlanet

While it isn’t surprising that some contestants get more time than others, it wasn’t surprising that the large disparity between the contestants shocked fans.

Source: Nate Pann and Reddit

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