“Boys Planet” Jay Chang Has An Unexpected Connection With Child Celebrity Bentley Hammington

They share something in common.

Singer Jay Chang recently boasted an unexpected and special connection with a popular child celebrity: Bentley Hammington.

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On October 17, Jay Chang held a showcase to commemorate the release of his first mini-album Late Night.

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At the showcase, he performed the title track “Rockstar” and the music video was revealed. The music video begins with Jay Chang, who becomes a rockstar, meeting the host of a talk show. Jay Chang stars as a guest on the show that seems to have an old-school American talk show feel.

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During the showcase, Jay Chang explained that this music video theme was related to the album title, Late Night.

I chose the title Late Night. I thought of it with the old-school American talk show feel in mind and made it the album concept.

— Jay Chang

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His album came in two versions: a “Late” version and a “Night” version. These two versions expressed his past and future.

The ‘late’ version portrays me dreaming of becoming a rockstar in the past. The ‘night’ version depicts me after achieving that dream in the future.

— Jay Chang

Jay Chang explains the concept behind the two versions of his album. | FM Entertainment

He also thanked the Australian comedian TV personality Sam Hammington for playing the role of the talk host in the video. According to Jay Chang, many of his fans told him he resembled Sam Hammington’s youngest son, Bentley. Even Sam Hammington knew about it.

Among fans, I heard a lot that I resemble Bentley. And Sam Hammington also knew about it. So, we talked a lot about that.

— Jay Chang

Bentley on “The Return of Superman” | KBS

Bentley became known to the public as a regular member of the KBS reality show The Return of Superman. His older brother, William Hammington, first appeared on the show then Bentley joined him after he was born in 2017. Both the Hammington brothers were adored by the public for their cuteness.

Bentley (left) and William (right) | @samhammington/Instagram

Some of Bentley’s cutest moments even became memes, such as the adorable moment when Sam Hammington told Bentley to choose what to eat, and he responded with a nervous “Me?


Bentley has grown up a lot through the years, and his older version appears to resemble Jay Chang.

| @bentleyhammington/Instagram

In fact, Jay Chang once posted a picture of himself when he was young, and many commented saying he resembled Bentley and William.

A young Jay Chang | @jaychang63/Instagram

Jay Chang ranked tenth through the global fans’ choice on Mnet‘s survival program Boys Planet. Afterward, he prepared for his official debut as a solo artist , engaging in various activities, including fan meetings both domestically and internationally.

Source: Xsports News and Jay Chang/YouTube

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