“Boys Planet” Trainee Kim Ji Woong Forgets The Name Of His Group Before Debuting In It


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The finale of Mnet‘s survival show Boys Planet has finally aired, revealing the nine trainees who will be debuting in a new group.

NEST MANAGEMENT‘s Kim Ji Woong has been a fan-favorite contestant. He managed to capture the hearts of Boys Planet viewers (and his fellow contestants) with not only his handsome face but his pure talent.

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Kim Ji Woong never gave up despite hardships throughout the years. He is a former member of the boy group INX, which disbanded about a year after debut. Ultimately, the members filed a lawsuit against their company NA Entertainment to terminate their contracts due to mistreatment, including lack of support and poor working conditions.

He ended up joining the group ATEEN, which debuted in Japan in 2018. Unfortunately, they never debuted in South Korea and disbanded since the members allegedly faced severe mistreatment and abuse at the hands of the CEO’s wife. However, four ATEEN members, including Ji Woong, were active in the group B.I.T. (Brilliant Icon Team) for about a year.

Ji Woong had a rough start in the K-Pop industry before debuting as an actor in 2021. His roles in BL (Boy Love) K-Dramas have garnered attention. Yet, since he joined Boys Planet, his fanbase has only continued to grow!

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So, it should be no surprise that Ji Woong is debuting again.

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The Boys Planet finale aired on April 20, 2023, unveiling Kim Ji Woong as one of nine members to debut in a new K-Pop boy group, ZEROBASEONE (also known as ZB1). He ranked 8th with a total of 1,338,984 points.

Ji Woong’s reaction has gone viral for a hilarious reason, though!

Kim Ji Woong gave a heartfelt thank-you speech after he was revealed to be the No. 8 trainee to debut. He thanked the Boys Planet crew as well as his family.

First off, thank you so much for coming today star creators. The reason I came all the way here is because of star creators’ love and attention. In a position like this, I always wanted to say this. My parents are here. To my parents, I wanted to say thank you for giving birth to me. Also, to the staff members who filmed Boys Planet together, the writers, directors, the masters, thank you!

— Kim Ji Woong

Suddenly, Ji Woong appeared to have blanked on what he was saying. After pausing, he shyly asked what the upcoming group’s name was.

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Yes, that’s right. Ji Woong forgot his own group’s name already! He apologized before introducing himself as a member of ZEROBASEONE.

What was our group name? Sorry about that. I’m the first Kim Ji Woong of ZEROBASEONE.

— Kim Ji Woong


The Boys Planet crew weren’t the only ones amused. Viewers shared the clip on social media, quickly going viral, laughing at how “real” he was.

It’s certainly a moment that will go down in history!

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