“Boys Planet” Kim Jiwoong Gains Attention For Unique Past On A Job-Seeking Website

He had his own page, advertising his services.

Boys Planet top gunner Kim Jiwoong has not always enjoyed such popularity. In 2016, he debuted in the boy group INX, only to file a lawsuit against his company for mistreatment in 2018. INX disbanded in 2017, with the boys terminating their contract in 2018 after a successful lawsuit. Although he saw success as a web drama actor from 2021 onwards, Kim Jiwoong struggled for years before. Even after appearing in web dramas, he experienced sporadic popularity and needed more jobs to earn his keep.

Kim Jiwoong in The Sweet Blood.

It was likely during this time that he created a page on SOOMGO, a job-seeking platform. Specifically, SOOMGO links up people looking for lessons, and people looking to teach. Kim Jiwoong put himself up for lessons in multiple categories, from influencer lessons to dance and more.

Kim Jiwoong’s advertisement. | Nate Pann

Kim Jiwoong

Category: Broadcast Dance

Location: [redacted] / Willing to travel up to 2km

Introduction: Kim Jiwoong, a master in influencer marketing lessons, game lessons, broadcast dance lessons. Please email [redacted].

Total experience: 8 years

— Advertisement on SOOMGO

He even had the green verification tick to prove that it was really him. His past quickly gained attention for how hardworking he was.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • He really lived a hardworking life.
  • I really hope he debuts and becomes successful.
  • F*ck, ah I should’ve taken gaming lessons from him. What a pity.
  • Just how many times has he lived his life LOL
  • Please do marriage lessons.

Hopefully, he can live a happier life at more ease after Boys Planet!

Source: Nate Pann

Boys Planet

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