“Boys Planet” Kim Taerae Gains Attention For His “Loser-Like” Charms

The “nerdy loser” is an ideal-type trend in Korea now.

The “nerdy loser” or “jjindda-nam” is the latest trend in ideal types in South Korea. Girls are beginning to fall for the studious-looking, shy types! A perfect example would be Seo Kang Joon in The Third Charm.

Seo Kang Joon in The Third Charm. | jtbc

Boys Planet‘s Kim Taerae is popular for the same reason. He has a killer voice, and many are attracted to his slightly awkward, soft-hearted, nerd-like charms. He recently began to trend after a post on a community site titled, “Why does Kim TR look like such a loser?

OP meant “loser” in the best way possible. The “loser-like” man is now considered a popular archetype amongst South Korean girls.

He even wears the perfect nerdy glasses and preppy vest.

When he’s all dolled-up, he looks like a different person!

His cute, nerdy style is winning the hearts of many.

| Nate Pann
  • I like how he doesn’t doll himself up. (Actually, he probably did but it just looks like that.) Taerae, please don’t develop a sense of style. Luxury items? Don’t even let them in your sight.
  • He’s not my one-pick but he’s like the Korean nerdy boy and so I love it. I also read a witness-post that said he went to visit [his subway advertisement] again after fans left and read all the letters. That made me like him.
  • It’s so nice…that a cute kid is like a loser…
  • It’s actually better this way.
  • He came all dolled-up after people teased him about not knowing how to dress, but they’re all basic style items. That’s so cute to me. Ah, I want to date him and tease him.

A nerdy boyfriend like Kim Taerae? Sign us up.

Source: Nate Pann

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