Netizens Alarmed By “Boys Planet” Judge Lip J’s “Inappropriate” Reactions To An Underage Contestant

She made weird comments about Han Yujin.

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Mnet K-Pop survival show Boys Planet‘s dancer trainer and judge Lip J is receiving criticism from fans due to her reactions to an underage contestant, Han Yujin.

Han Yujin | Mnet
Lip J | Mnet

This week, the team consisting of Han Yujin, Kim Ji Woong, Seok Matthew, Sung Hanbin, and Yoo Seung Eon performed the original song “Say My Name.”

At the end of Episode 9, the group performed their final performance of the “Artist Battle.” They showcased a cute concept in a high school.

Before the performance even began, the judges admired the contestants. Even the male judges can be heard saying, “They’re all so pretty,” “Look how handsome they are,” and “Wow! So handsome.”

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Yet, when Yujin appeared, Lip J audibly gasped and covered her face.

Her fellow judges teased her, asking, “Did your heart drop?” and “What? He didn’t do anything.” She laughed embarrassingly.

In the performance, Yujin acted like he is leaving a drink and a heart-shaped letter for his crush on their desk after his friends encourage him. Lip J reacted, “Oh my, oh my, oh my. I wish that was my desk!” She was teased by her fellow judge again, who questioned that it was an all-boys school.

These moments earned disturbed reactions from viewers. The clips have circulated on social media as netizens comment on Lip J’s behavior toward Yujin.


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The viral scene has netizens agreeing that Lip J acts “inappropriately” toward the underage contestants, especially Yujin. They have found other comments of hers suspicious, but this one is particularly alarming.

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Yujin was born on March 20, 2007, meaning he literally just turned 16 years old! Until recently, he was only 15. Lip J, on the other hand, was born on July 30, 1988, making her 34 years old.

| Mnet
| Mnet

Boys Planet viewers are calling out Lip J for her reaction to Yujin and calling for Mnet to remove her as a judge.

Some are even using the situation as a reason why minors should not be allowed to debut.

This has been a hot topic recently, especially with the rising popularity of NewJeans and more groups that debuted with underage members. Read more below.

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