“Boys Planet” Contestant Ollie Exposes The Extent Of Mnet’s Mistreatment

Thankfully, he is fully healed now!

Boys Planet contestant Ollie recently exposed the mistreatment he suffered while appearing on the show.

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Ollie is a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment and represented the company on Boys Planet. Despite his popularity, he was ultimately eliminated in episode 9, placing 26th overall.

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Since then, Ollie has opened a Weibo account and is competing on a new survival show, Asia Super Young, surprising fans with a recent glow-up for a brand event.

Popular “Boys Planet” Contestant Shocks With His Mature Glow-Up After A Drastic Style Change

In early December, the young star held a live stream, chatting with fans and answering questions. During this time, a fan asked him about the time he was wearing a cast during Boys Planet.

Before and up to his elimination, Ollie was seen wearing a cast on his left hand.

According to Ollie, the injury happened during the show’s field day when he landed wrong while participating in one of the games.

Right, I have never told you why I was in a cast. It was during a sports meet, there was a game where you had to pull people onto a mat. I was being pulled. It was Jiwoong-hyung, right? He was pulling my leg, and I was falling backwards, so when he exerted his strength…I was lying down like this, and my leg got pulled up like this…and landed on my fingers. They were bended diagonally like this.


He says that he was in a lot of pain, and mentioned it to the production staff, who then told him to wait until filming ended. Ultimately, Ollie says he couldn’t handle the pain and went to an ambulance himself.

I was in so much pain, so I told them, “I’m in a lot of pain, I want to go to the hospital.” They were like, “It’s okay, it’s okay, take a break first and wait until the end of filming.” I told them I have a bone fracture. They said “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.” I was in so much pain. My hand felt like they were throbbing, like it was popping dancing. In the end, I said I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the ambulance myself.

— Ollie

After learning the truth behind his injury, many fans were left feeling anger towards Mnet, especially considering Ollie was only 16 years old at the time.