“Boys Planet” Ricky Goes Viral For Looking Even More Handsome When He’s Not Done Up

He once went viral for strict self-management all the time.

Boys Planet‘s Ricky has been a hot topic in online communities recently. Netizens have been falling for his charismatic looks! A post recently went viral with over 130,000 views when a netizen pointed out that Ricky has never “let go of himself” since pre-debut.

All his past photos had bleached hair that was perfectly styled with wax. The netizen also noted that in Boys Planet, he was never seen without his hair done. This is a hard feat as the boys are filmed right before sleeping too.

Post about Ricky and his past photos. | Nate Pann

He looked perfectly styled pre-debut.

Ricky’s past photo. | Nate Pann

From a ear full of piercings to wavy hair, he clearly takes pride in how he looks.

Ricky’s past photo. | Nate Pann

Even in pajamas on the show, he never went without his hair styled to perfection.

On a recent behind-the-scenes extra video that Mnet released on March 22, 2023, fans finally got a glimpse of Ricky dressed down. His hair looked like it was fresh out of the shower.

Fans have never seen Ricky with unstyled hair before.

Everyone believed that he looked better than ever!

Netizens couldn’t stop praising his looks.

Comments from netizens. | Nate Pann
  • “I’m f*cking liking Ricky more as time passes.”
  • “F*ck is him with his hair down for real? Please give him the wet look with his hair down for the next performance.”
Comments from netizens. | Nate Pann
  • “No, but he’s not even my one-pick, but whenever he comes out, I feel like the quality [of the video] gets better. In this video, too, he’s so handsome.”
  • “We have to make him debut. I’m so curious about many things about him. He’s such a fresh character in K-Pop.”
  • “I don’t watch the show, but when out of all the boys being posted about, I think he’s the most handsome.”
  • “For real, Ricky is f*cking handsome. He’s handsome enough even when he lets himself go, but how can I not like him when he goes hard on himself, styling his hair during practice, and even his pajamas are like straight out of a controlling boss trope manga.”

Ricky sure is raking in the fans!

Source: Nate Pann and Nate Pann

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