Netizens Think That “Boys Planet” Yoon Jongwoo’s Sister May Have Given A Crucial Spoiler Regarding The 3rd Round Of Elimination Results

Fans of the show are sensitive at the moment.

With the final two episodes of Boys Planet upcoming, fans are getting more sensitive than ever about the show and the trainees. After the episode on 14 April, 2023, we will be down to the final 18 contestants, who will battle it out on April 20, 2023.

The family members of the contestants have also been supporting the trainees wholeheartedly. Recently, an Instagram story by trainee Yoon Jongwoo‘s sister came under fire after netizens felt that she unintentionally gave a spoiler of the 3rd round of eliminations.

Yoon Jongwoo. | Mnet

She tried to show her support for him by posting a picture of herself watching the show, showering him with praise.

| Nate Pann

I’m too busy on the weekdays to watch my brother’s show, so I’m watching it [now] as soon as I open my eyes. It’s so nice to see you enjoying yourself! No matter what others say, to me, you’re the coolest dongsaeng I’m the most proud of. Be yourself [there] and come back after!!

— Yoon Jongwoo’s sister

The problem comes here — on Friday, April 7, the third round of eliminations was pre-recorded. This recording will only be aired on April 14. All of the current 28 contestants were prevented from leaving their house before the episode on 14 April to prevent any spoilers. This is because the successful final 18 will be required to stay in the dorms, so anyone else spotted out and about will naturally be recognized as having been eliminated during the third round.

Yoon Jongwoo’s sister telling him to “come back after” was interpreted by many Korean netizens as a spoiler. According to them, the wording hinted that he is still at the dorms and not at home, and can be used to infer that he probably was not eliminated and will make it to the finals. The wording is indeed ambiguous in the sense that it could also simply be a casual greeting. However, as the show is reaching its peak, netizens expressed their disappointment at the lack of consideration in wording.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • Huh? She’s got to be kidding me, LOL. During Produce, some trainees got penalties and were forced to change their songs. Won’t Yoon Jongwoo face a penalty or be kicked off?
  • Aren’t spoilers banned??????
  • Doesn’t this break of rules warrant him being taken off the show? She’s so proud about it too LOL.
  • Huh, aren’t spoilers banned? Why is she so proud?

Yoon Jongwoo’s sister may not have intended to give a spoiler or given a spoiler at all, but many netizens have interpreted the matter as such.

During Produce 101, some trainees used their personal social media to hint to fans which concept songs they wanted to be voted to perform. This resulted in the show giving penalties to some of the trainees.

Produce 101 Daniel Kang facing backlash for interacting with fans, Mnet responds

On a different show, another contestant even had to hide themselves traveling back home to prevent spoilers.

| Nate Pann

It’s a different survival audition program, but there were trainees who couldn’t participate in their school field trips and trainees who hid while traveling on the train just to prevent spoilers. That post is indeed a spoiler and it was inconsiderate of her, and it’s only right that he is penalized.

— Netizen

It seems that with the upcoming finals, fans of the show are extremely sensitive about the matter.

Source: Nate Pann

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