“Boys Planet” Zhang Shuai Bo Gets Criticized For His Attitude Towards The Performance And Fellow Teammate Cha Woonggi

The problematic clip gained 3.5 million views.

Boys Planet contestant Zhang Shuai Bo has gotten into hot soup with the latest episode of the survival show. Although Mnet is prone to “evil editing,” fans found it difficult to defend Zhang Shuai Bo due to what the trainee said on camera. A tweet containing two problematic clips soon went viral with over 3.5 million views.

Firstly, regarding the group’s performance of TWICE‘s “Feel Special,” the four trainees were in despair as they lacked a strong ace amongst them. Of course, all trainees are talented in their own way, but “Feel Special” is a hard song to pull off, especially due to the high notes. Viewers took issue with how Zhang Shuai Bo seemed to take the show for granted. He might have been trying to encourage his teammates, but the wording rubbed some the wrong way.

If we really can’t pull off [the performance], the show’s producers will help us. There’s no way they’ll just let the four of us stand there stupidly on stage.

— Zhang Shuai Bo

Viewers criticized him for not being more passionate about his performance and for relying on the producers to help them pull off the show.

Zhang Shuai Bo oppa, to be honest, isn’t it ridiculous if you don’t speak Korean but want to become an idol in Korea? I was just like, well, he’ll get better as time goes and let it be but it seems like you don’t even have the will to try to understand [the language] without a translator. Your mindset is also unbelievable with how you think that the producers will do something about it for you anyway. I thought you would be more desperate after being dropped from Youth With You but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

— Viewer

In the second clip, he is shown talking to the three other Chinese trainees about Cha Woonggi. Woonggi was the only Korean trainee in the team and was responsible for creating the choreography for the mission. After rehearsals, the mentors thoroughly chewed out the team for poor performance. Zhang Shuai Bo seemed to put the blame on Cha Woonggi, citing a lack of communication.

I think it’s pretty normal [to be scolded.] When he was writing [the choreography], he didn’t even tell us what it was about. Neither did we agree to it. So, I think it’s pretty normal for us to end up in this state.

— Zhang Shuai Bo

Zhang Shuai Bo was called out for talking about Woonggi in a language Woonggi could not understand. A flashback clip also showed that Cha Woonggi had tried to explain the song’s lyrics to the Chinese trainees.

Firstly, this is the song’s overall vibe. You’re lonely, and there’s no one by your side. Then, as it approaches the chorus, you kind of begin to have become more of a special existence.

— Cha Woonggi

Viewers were naturally angry at Zhang Shuai Bo for discrediting Cha Woonggi.

Others agreed that it was rude of Zhang Shuai Bo.

While some defend the trainee, inferring that perhaps there was a lack of translator present during the practices, others feel that he should have made an effort. The Chinese trainees mostly have basic Korean skills, with fellow teammate Cai Jin Xin also spotted communicating in Korean with Cha Woonggi.

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