“Boys Planet” Zhang Hao Gains All The Love From Korean Netizens With A Single Sentence

He won them over for sure.

Boys Planet has just aired its sixth episode, the first one after half the trainees were eliminated. As the competition grows fiercer, it’s all about the survival of the fittest — or the most popular. Currently, the Signal Song’s G Group center trainee, Zhang Hao, is sweeping up the Korean votes.

He began tapping on the hearts of Korean audiences with his first appearance, thanks to his violin skills and elite background from an education university.

He also gained many brownie points when he was spotted studying the Korean language in his spare time. After all, the Korean public loves foreign singers who make the effort to master their language.

Zhang Hao secured the bag with episode six, with a simple sentence of his going viral. The short 4-second clip gained over 1.7 million views in just a few short hours.

How can one be bad at Korean pronunciation when they have to be a singer in Korea? I think that speaking Korean like a Korean is just being professional.

— Zhanghao

They found it admirable how he was determined to do right by his ambition of debuting in Korea. Koreans also found it adorable how he tried so hard to master the pronunciation.

His pouty face is so cute when he couldn’t get the pronunciation.

— Fan

They just want to keep him in South Korea at all costs now!

Zhang Hao’s passport:

— Fan

(On the sign) Steal Zhang Hao’s passport!

— Fan

Looks like we might be seeing some changes in the rankings during the next round!

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