“I Might Get Backlash”: THE BOYZ’s Kevin Calls Outs “K.FLEX 2023” For Misinformation

He risked backlash to save fans money and time.

THE BOYZ‘s Kevin called out K.FLEX 2023 in a recent live broadcast.

THE BOYZ’s Kevin | IST Entertainment

K.FLEX 2023 is self-identified as Europe’s first ever K-pop mega festival.” The upcoming event will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 13-14, although it was previously scheduled for June. Previously, it was announced that THE BOYZ, Weeekly, and YOUNITE would perform.

Kevin revealed in a recent live broadcast that despite K.FLEX 2023‘s advertisements, THE BOYZ will not be able to perform at the festival in October. He called out K.FLEX for allegedly spreading misinformation.

There was an unconfirmed show in Germany. But with our schedules and everything, we said we wouldn’t go, but I don’t why they’re still advertising with our name. I feel like I might get backlash from the company or whoever about addressing this, but I know… I want to let you guys know because I don’t want you to make the … accommodations and plans to go because we’re not going.

— Kevin

Kevin expressed to the fans watching not to book accommodations, travel, etc., expecting to see THE BOYZ only to be disappointed. He risked facing backlash himself so that they wouldn’t waste their “time and money.”

Since the video clip from Kevin’s live broadcast went viral, K.FLEX has deleted social media posts featuring THE BOYZ.

However, THE BOYZ is still featured on K.FLEX 2023‘s website. There is also a statement claiming that the festival was rescheduled from June 17-18 to October 13-14 to guarantee THE BOYZ’s participation.


Yet, before even Kevin’s live broadcast, a fan shared that when she met Kevin in person, he told her THE BOYZ would not be at K.FLEX 2023 in October.

Still, K.FLEX 2023 has made an announcement via social media regarding THE BOYZ’s participation in the Frankfurt festival. Based on the post, they are still in discussions.

So, only time will tell.

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