THE BOYZ’s Q Gets The Seal Of Approval From His Halloween Inspiration, And It Is Definitely Iconic

Q is living every fan’s dream!

When it came to Halloween, K-Pop idols definitely made their mark with creative and innovative costumes that stole the hearts of fans worldwide.

One group that definitely didn’t miss the Halloween memo was THE BOYZ. For their dance practice video of their newest track, “Maverick,” the members went above and beyond with their costumes.

THE BOYZ in their Halloween costumes | @Creker_TheBOYZ/Twitter

However, one person who caught the eyes of fans was member Q. Amongst the Disney and anime characters, Q played the character Chucky from the television series and even came with his iconic Chucky doll that THE BOYZ’s fans have come to know and love.

THE BOYZ’s Q dressed as Chucky | @Creker_TheBOYZ/Twitter

Yet, it seems as if fans aren’t the only ones who were impressed with Q’s outfit. On November 2 (KST), fans were shocked to see that, amongst the interactions on a picture of Q and Hyunjae, who was dressed as the anime character Haku, a special someone had replied shared the post.

In a tweet, the official Twitter account for Chucky shared the image with the caption, “not bad, kid.

When fans saw the reply, they couldn’t hide their excitement at the idea that Chucky saw Q’s iconic outfit.

In particular, Q seemed rightly excited by the reply adding to the tweet with some more pictures of himself and the Chucky doll with the caption, “Hi, Chucky. I’m Chucky, too. Wanna play?

Although fans don’t know whether Q has seen the reply, fans know that he has become synonymous with the iconic character after a fan gifted him the doll as a present. Since then, he has had some memorable moments with the doll, from scaring fellow band member New

Taking selfies with the doll…

| @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

And even posing in photoshoots with his beloved friend.

Q’s Dollhouse Photoshoot | The B Japan

Even though not all of the members have the best opinions of Chucky, there is no denying that both the doll and Q made a huge impact on fans. You can read more about Q and his friend Chucky below.

THE BOYZ’s Q Loves His “Adorable” Best Friend Chucky

Source: @ChuckyIsReal