THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon Wanted To Celebrate His Birthday With A Special Cake, But It Didn’t Turn Out Exactly How He Planned

It seems to be an idol thing…

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, K-Pop idols know how to celebrate properly. From releasing a series of adorable pictures to live broadcasting for fans to share their celebrations, it is definitely a day loved by fans worldwide.

However, if there is one thing that has always worried fans about birthdays, and it is birthday cake! For some reason, idols don’t seem to have the best luck when it comes to cakes, and THE BOYZ‘s Sangyeon was the latest victim of the curse.

THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon | @WE_THE_BOYZ/ Twitter

On November 4 (KST), THE BOYZ’s leader Sangyeon sat down with fans on a live broadcast to celebrate his birthday with fans. Like the rest of the members, Sangyeon decided to make himself a cake during the broadcast, and with a guide by his side, he started work on a very cute bunny cake.

| THE BOYZ/ VLIVE         

Considering that it was his first time decorating a cake, the finished product was extremely beautiful, and fans couldn’t help but praise the leader for his attempts. With the bright colors and cute features, it was definitely a perfect cake for a perfect idol.


However, as Sangyeon proudly showcased his cake to fans, many pointed out that they could see how careful he was being. Yet, each time he showed the cake to the camera, fans couldn’t help but worry that maybe it wasn’t the best idea.

Their worst fears finally arrived when Sangyeon showed the cake and it fell off the stand and smashed onto the table.


Considering all the work that went into the cake, it was not surprising that Sangyeon seemed in shock and apologized to the cake for dropping it.



However, although fans were shocked at what happened to the cake, many weren’t surprised as it is known that THE BOYZ have not always had the best luck when it comes to cakes.

Yet, if Sangyeon wanted sympathy from his members, then that wasn’t what he got. Alongside some of the members speaking about it on their own broadcasts, Q and New went on Instagram and shared some pictures of the incident with fans, just in case they didn’t have a chance to watch it.

Although fans managed to see the masterpiece before the incident, it was a shame that Sangyeon couldn’t enjoy all of his hard work. You can read more about idols and their struggles with cake below.

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