THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Spotted Joking With A Japanese Fan About “Sleeping Together” — Netizens Divided On What Actually Happened

Many believe it was inappropriate.

A clip of THE BOYZ Sunwoo‘s conversation with a Japanese fan during a fansign video call is gaining attention from netizens for it’s controversial nature. During their conversation, the fan asked Sunwoo a question.

Why do you think I’m wearing PJs today? Can you guess?

— Fan

Yes… You and I…

— Sunwoo

Sunwoo’s response was cut off by the fan who understood the message he was trying to send.

Fan: Oh, no. That’s not it.

SW: That’s not it? (Laughs)

Fan: Sleep together? (Laughs)

Fan: No, no! (Laughs)

The fan was surprised by his the implication of his response. Many Korean netizens believe the response is inappropriate for an idol to say to a fan during a fansign event.

  • “When he goes ‘You and I…’ I honestly thought he would follow that up with something like ‘…are going to be having this video call.’ But the fan said ‘sleeping together’ and he didn’t even deny it. Like wow, I’m shocked. How many managers does THE BOYZ have? Where are they and what are they doing [not overseeing the calls]?
  • “I simply cannot understand how he could suggest something like that to his fan (…) I’m just pointing out that, at the very least, he shouldn’t be saying that to a fan.”
  • “Don’t the fans need to buy like hundreds of tickets to be eligible to go on those video calls? Why would anyone pay good money only to be sexually harassed like that?”

While many netizens believe it crossed the line, some international fans believe his joke, though inappropriate, is not meant to be harmful.