THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon Had The Cutest Special Guests At Their World Tour Concert In Seoul

Most adorable guests ever. 🥹

THE BOYZ have spent the last few months making their way around the world on their THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR: THE B-ZONE and are currently completing the final three sold-out tour dates in Seoul at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. This is a huge accomplishment for the group!

Plenty of special guests attend the first two nights including BAE173‘s Hangyul, BTOB‘s Minhyuk, and singer Joo Jinwoo!

Usually fans are excited to see other celebrities attend to get a glimpse into the friendships that the members have or see who are fans of their faves, but there were a few special non-celebrity guests fans have been fawning over: leader Sangyeon‘s two nephews Howon and Juwon!

Sangyeon with his nephews. | Instagram

The two young boys were spotted handing out candies to their uncle’s fans after night two of the concerts. According to their mother, the two boys wanted to thank all of the nice noonas that have shown them and their uncle love. Sangyeon’s sister often posts photos and clips of him and other members of THE BOYZ and fans love to see the adorable boys.

Sangyeon’s sister said that his nephew prepared the candy to hand out before the concert, but ended up having to wait to give them out to the fans sitting near them. The two boys also handed out candy after the concert and we were adorably upset that they were not able to hand out all of the candy.

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| Theqoo

After the concert, Sangyeon’s sister gave a full rundown on the boys’ adorable act and thanked all the fans that were nice to the boys, despite how small the gesture was, and shared that the vitamin candies were from their own supply at home!

Check out the full translation from her Instagram post below as well as cute photos of the two with all the candies fans gave them in return:

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| Instagram

Thank you for recognizing and being nice to Howon and Juwon.

Actually, when I said we were going to see the concert today, Howon and Juwon decided to pack all the vitamin candies we had at home because they wanted to share with the noonas who have shown them so much love.

They couldn’t hand out half the candies they packed, though. Howon and Juwon meant to hand out the candies they packed in their Hobi the Tiger backpack to the noonas before the show started. But I stopped them from approaching the fans who might not know them and making them uncomfortable. So they were pretty sad about it…

So after the show, I told them they can share with the noonas who sat around our seats. And they had a blast sharing the candies! They were super happy with the fact that they got to hand the candies out to at least some noonas.

When I grabbed(?) them and brought them home, they were disappointed again because they thought they were going to get to share more. When I asked them why they didn’t want to leave, they said it was because they weren’t done with handing out the candies, and some noonas didn’t get to receive any. When I heard that, I realized I should’ve let them stay longer, even if it meant we’d have to take the subway home.

The boys munched on a lot of them once we got home. And they also saved some for tomorrow.I have no doubt that tonight will become such a special and wonderful memory for Howon and Juwon.

Howon said one of the noonas who gave him snacks told him to brush his teeth well. So, being good boys who listen, Howon and Juwon both brushed their teeth and went to bed.I’m debating whether I should take the boys back to the venue tomorrow to quickly grab some pictures that I could not grab tonight. (That’d be kind of silly, though. Right…? )

Anyway, beautiful noonas, hope you all aren’t too tired. Have a fantastic night!

—  Sangyeon’s Sister