Brand New Music’s Composer Reveals His Son With Developmental Delays Is Getting Abused At Day-Care

The day-care’s director tried to cover it up.

Brand New Music composer DJ Juice revealed that his son, who has developmental delays, is getting abused at his day-care.

DJ Juice held an exclusive interview with Sports Chosun, sharing details about how his 5 year old son is getting beaten at his day-care center.

Since May 2019, my second child has often had bruises on his body. He is a special child with developmental delays, so there were things that were bad enough where I had to ask the day care center.

— DJ Juice

According to DJ Juice, his 5-year-old son had large bruises on the back of his head and near his armpit, so he asked the day-care center to verify how the bruises happened. The only answer he received was “I don’t know” and the day-care denied his request to review the CCTV footage, saying that he needed a police report first. Since then, he had more reason to go public with his ordeal.

Since that incidence, I received an anonymous tip and received a call from child protection agencies. Together with the police, we checked the CCTV at the day-care center.

I wanted the director of the day-care and those involved to ask for forgiveness, but they didn’t know about it before checking the CCTV. They only apologized after the assailant was shown in the CCTV.

The more I found out, the more shocking it was. There have been several instances where the day-care director knew about assault, but he tried to cover it up. I have filed a petition to dismiss the director.

The only thing we can do now is to file civil complaints and petitions. There were a lot of concerns before we revealed this incidence because people around me didn’t know my child was special, but we decided to file a petition because we thought there shouldn’t be another victim.

— DJ Juice

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DJ Juice’s son is currently 5-years-old and is currently having developmental disorders, as his speaking is still very low for his level. According to DJ Juice, his son can only say “mom” and “dad”. Currently, his petition has 4,649 signatures. Check out his entire petition contents below.

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Hello, I am a father in his late 30’s raising a 7-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy in Gimpo. Our second child didn’t get a disability rating, but he is not a normal child. He can only say ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ and he has had late development compared to his peers, so we sent him to a day-care center in Pungmu-dong, as they have a class for student with disabilities. He was examined at various hospital and it was determined he has speech and recognition delays.

A few months ago, an anonymous informant told us our child was getting abused. I thought it was usual for boys to get bruises here and there, since they’re boys and they play around but there have been times where I have found some serious bruises after going to day-care. For a few months after starting that day-care, he has had bruises as big as an adult’s fist on his thigh, and also has had bruises on his arms, legs, and stomach.

Instead of suspecting abuse, we asked why our child was hurt, but we were told that they didn’t know why he was hurt. For us, we didn’t understand why he had bruises, but since there weren’t many day-care centers that run a class for students with disabilities, we endured it for a long time, since we also felt gratitude for them taking care of our child. Sometimes, we asked the director of the day-care center if we could check the CCTV, and their reply was we would only check if a report of child abuse came in.

I only found out later, but the director did not inform us that this was not true, and that we can confirm the CCTV with the consent of other parents for safety reasons. We repeatedly told them that if they couldn’t confirm it in this instance, we would ask the director to confirm it if it happens again. Also, while my wife was on the committee, she asked for the installation of additional CCTV cameras as there were many blind spots, but the director did not take any action, and didn’t even contact the city hall, since it was expensive. Then in February, there was a bruise on the back of his neck, inside of his arm, and back of his head, and our common sense kicked in, he could not have been hurt while playing, and we asked for a CCTV check. A few days later, they checked the CCTV and was told there was nothing out of the ordinary. We thought there was no problem then.

About a week later, the child protection agency received an anonymous call that there was a report of abuse against our child. After that, people from the child protection agencies, police officers, and city hall staff visited the day-care center to check the CCTV and see the situation. On the day they visited the day-care, we also went. They called in the director and other teachers that may have been involved, and we said we forgive them if they told the truth and apologized. They didn’t admit to anything, and didn’t apologize. Until they saw themselves abusing our child. The fact that a child was being abused is already so shocking and difficult, and the people who were involved made it even harder for us.

That day, we immediately reported it to the police, and the case is still being investigated today. Despite us saying the assailant should not seek us out, they brought us a letter torn from a scratch pad and a jelly that our son likes, saying they wanted to apologize. That same person who pushed our child who was sitting and doing nothing wrong and make our child stay under a sitting table, instead of being allowed to take a nap. We have suffered seeing that person, and suffering more damage as our son can’t go out to the playground in front of our house, as he might see the abuser. It has happened several times, and now we have asked the police to not allow him to appear, but we still wonder whether he will be there when we go out, and whether our son will see him.

What’s more shocking is that a police investigation found out that the director was trying to cover up the abuse of our child. How could such a person be the director of a city-run day-care center? Why should this person’s incompetence and irresponsibility cause us and our child to suffer damage? Our case was filed in March, but the investigation is still underway.  The person who abused our child was dismissed, but the director is still working there. More than 100 children including our was under the control of him. I think such a person should be punished as soon as possible and should not be a director of a day-care center. Even if those involved are punished and this case is closed, our wounds will not be healed. We ask for the director’s dismissal before more victims are created.

— DJ Juice

Source: Sports Chosun