BrandNew Music releases statement following Bumkey’s detainment by police for narcotics

BrandNew Music has released a statement following the police’s arrest of one of their artists, Bumkey, after he was found through police investigation to have distributed drugs.

“Bumkey has denied all suspicions and has said they have no truth in them. Brand New Music plans to uncover the truth of the matter during the procession of court,” said the agency on December 11th. “We are sorry that our artist Bumkey has been involved such an incident and would like to plead that fans stay away from making wild conjectures in this matter. We plead for you to wait, and we would like to extend our deepest apologies once again.”

The police investigation of Bumkey began in October, and after following trails of evidence through bank accounts and interrogations of other drug users, they have requested a warrant of arrest for the artist. He is currently detained, awaiting his court hearing later this afternoon on December 11th KST.

Source: Segye Ilbo