Brands On K-Drama “Snowdrop” Sponsors List Are Being Asked To Stop Their Sponsorship

Brands begin to cancel their sponsorship.

K-Drama Snowdrop has been in quite the hot soup recently. With a petition for the removal of the show has been circulating, many brands have also been quick to disassociate themselves with the show. While many of the brands have voiced out that they had never intended to sponsor the show and quickly washed their hands off the program, others who had been active sponsors were contacted by members of the public.

Members of the South Korean public began to contact brands that were aired during the credits of Snowdrop to enquire about their sponsorship and to request for the brands to stop their support for the show. One such brand includes Antique France, a specialized vintage furniture and homeware store located in Gwangju.

  • OP: [Imagery about what happened with Park Jong Cheol and the NSA]
  • Antique France: “I did it (withdrawing sponsorship) yesterday. Please stop coming to look for us. What are you doing? It’s up to about 10 people now.”
  • OP: “As you are a business located in Gwangju (where the democratic protests were severe), it seems like many people are coming with queries. It seems like many don’t know you’ve already withdrawn your sponsorship, that’s why. Should I upload on the community site that you’ve withdrawn? Then you probably won’t receive any more queries.”
  • Antique France: “Because I keep getting many queries, jtbc said they would remove everything for me. You don’t have to upload it.”
  • OP: “Yes yes. I’ll put in a request for the store to be removed from the list of sponsorships that are going around so you won’t be harmed further.”

The brand had already put in a request with jtbc for their sponsorship to be removed from the public credits and also to halt their sponsorship. On the other hand, many netizens praise the brand for acting quickly. It seems that other brands are also being approached to clarify their stance on the sponsorship of Snowdrop.

Stay tuned for more updates about Snowdrop.


Source: theqoo