Petition To Stop The Broadcast Of K-Drama “Snowdrop” Gains Over 200,000 Signatures

Will the drama be cancelled?

South Koreans have had been against the K-Drama Snowdrop since its synopsis was released earlier on in 2021. Back then, jtbc had released a statement to defend against the accusations of distortions of history. However, with the first two episodes having been aired, South Koreans have renewed their opposition of the drama.

As of December 20, 2021, the petition against Snowdrop has hit over 200,000 signatures in support of stopping the broadcast in just one day. The petition began on December 19, 2021, after the first two episodes aired.

The petition criticizes Snowdrop for its distortion of history. They also voice out the efforts and sacrifice that it took to get South Korea to democratization and that the drama, which masks a spy as a supporter of the democratic movement, is a disgrace to actual supporters that lost their lives during the movements when they were falsely accused of being a spy.

Comparatively, Joseon Exorcist, another K-Drama that faced severe backlash for distortion of history, gained 127,000 signatures in a day. Joseon Exorcist was eventually cancelled and taken off air.

While fans of Snowdrop fear that Snowdrop may be taken off air on jtbc as well, some hold hope that it will continue to air via Disney+, a private streaming platform. While jtbc may be held by constraints of the civilians and government, Disney+ may have more leeway. Stay tuned for more about the drama. On the other hand, the writer of Snowdrop has been facing severe backlash for her character set-up. Read more about it below.

“Snowdrop” Writer Faces Backlash For Allegedly Taking Character Inspiration From A Falsely Tortured Korean Musician Yun Isang

Source: theqoo