Petition For “Joseon Exorcist” To Stop Airing Gains Over 127,000 Signatures In Just One Day

“We request that the broadcast be stopped immediately.”

The controversy surrounding the SBS drama, Joseon Exorcist has reached the Blue House.

“Joseon Exorcist” poster | SBS

A formal petition has been created to remove Joseon Exorcist from SBS‘s broadcasting schedule on the Blue House’s official website.

| The Blue House

The petition was brought forth with concerns stating that, “if the drama is categorized as a fantasy, then they should have made brand new characters. They used real historical figures. If foreign viewers watch this drama, they will think that the depiction of the Joseon era characters in the drama are real.”


Those who are petitioning for the removal clearly state that it’s not just this specific instance, but that they would like to prevent all future possible occurrences.

We are asking the Blue House to prevent future occurrences of the serious distortion of our history.

— Blue House petition

They concluded the petition by “asking the actors who chose to feature in the drama with such problematic issues to reflect on their decision to do so.”

Cast of “Joseon Exorcist” | News1

Previously, Joseon Exorcist found themselves in hot water after a scene was aired showing numerous different Chinese props. The drama received even more scrutiny for their inaccurate portrayal of South Korea’s history, adding onto the controversy. Following the backlash, advertisers began to pull out from the drama, resulting in SBS’s decision to halt the airing of this week’s episode.

Source: The Blue House
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