Brave Girls May Be Getting An Impressive Dormitory Upgrade After Their Viral Success

It would be well deserved!

The members of Brave Girls have been busy, busy, busy with their popularity and in the midst of it all, they may be getting a very exciting upgrade.


Brave Girls recently featured on Mnet‘s TMI News where they shared a special phone call with the group’s founder and CEO, Brave Brothers.

“Hello, I’m Brave Brothers.” | Mnet

The hosts of TMI News asked Brave Brothers how he felt about the girls’ recent success, to which he had the sweetest response.

“I’m grateful that they’re getting recognition, even if it’s now.” | Mnet

The girl group’s founder honestly shared, however, his deepest worries about their sudden popularity.

The public started to love Brave Girls and became interested in them, which is why they suddenly went viral. However, if I’m being honest, I have a lot of worries.

— Brave Brothers

When asked why he was filled worries, Brave Brothers shared that their sudden success can come crumbling down just as quick.

After sparkling that much for awhile, I’m scared that one day the sparkle will fade and they’ll be forgotten. I’m worried that the sudden outpour of love that they received will vanish someday and I’m scared that the girls will get hurt.

— Brave Brothers

The Brave Girls founder continued on by promoting his girl group personally by sharing his absolute love and adoration for the group.

They have just received the spotlight, but I hope that they will be loved by the public continuously for a long time since they’re talented and so good at what they do.

— Brave Brothers

To lighten up the mood after the touching moment, the hosts of the show then asked the girls of the group if they had anything they wanted to tell or ask their CEO. To this question, the members looked visibly awkward and nervous.

Member Eunji looking nervous | Mnet

After seeing their nervous reactions, the hosts couldn’t help themselves and asked the Brave Girls members if they were in trouble.

“Did you guys get in trouble?” | Mnet

Brave Girls member, Yujeong decided to speak up on behalf of her fellow members to ask a very brave question.

Since we recently ranked first place on music shows, can you upgrade our dormitory?

— Yujeong

After chuckling at Yujeong’s adorable question, Brave Brothers couldn’t help but melt at her request.

“Alright.” | Mnet

Not expecting his response, the girls celebrated with absolute excitement.

Caption: “Dormitory upgrade.” | Mnet

We are so deeply happy for the Brave Girls members and all their newfound success. They deserve every bit of it! You can watch the entire episode of TMI News with Brave girls, down below.