Brave Girls Performed Over 100 Times In The Military Since 2016—Here’s Their Funniest Story From Back Then

The soldiers are hilarious 😂

Brave Girls recently rose to fame with the resurgence of their song “Rollin'”, which is thanks to a video that compiled the very enthusiastic reactions of soldiers to their performances.

In an interview for “Never Stop Being A Fan,” they talked about their popularity in the military and the most memorable experience they have from one of their military performances—and it’s a wild one!

When the MC asked how many times they’ve performed in military camps, Eunji shared that the number surpasses a hundred. Shockingly, that means they had over 100 performances in less than 5 years!

I’m assuming it was more than a hundred times. We started performing at camps in 2016, so we would have performed more than a hundred times if we count since 2016.

— Eunji

Yuna explained that the number is high because it also includes performances that were not open to the public. When describing how it changed them, Minyoung shared that it helped raise their self-esteem.

We had a difficult time since we lost our confidence and power, but after we started performing in military camps, we received so much energy.

— Minyoung

The most memorable performance for the girls was one that occurred in a remote island. At first, the soldiers were quite a distance away from the stage.

It was when we went to Baengnyeongdo Island. It takes 12 hours in total to travel back and forth. You ride a boat and a bus. When we started performing, the servicemen were far away from the stage.

— Minyoung

The moment one soldier broke away from the crowd to approach them, however, the rest quickly followed suit. They were all so enthusiastic about the girls that they hilariously ran to the stage the moment the opportunity arose!

A person seemed to come up to the front when we were singing. That’s when other people ran up to the front as well. When they came towards us running, I’m not sure if I should describe it like this, but it looked like a crowd of zombies. You could really never forget that stage.

— Minyoung

As seen below, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the soldiers went wild for them!

Brave Girls are deserving of all their current success and more! Get to know the members in the full interview below.

Source: 한밤 HANBAM