Brave Girls’ Minyoung Had The Most Relatable Reaction To An Unexpected “Thanks” From Yujeong

Their wholesome yet funny interaction is everything!

Brave Girls have been through a lot together, and though they have a sisterly bond with each other, Minyoung was not thrilled by how Yujeong chose to express hers!

Minyoung and Yujeong | Brave Entertainment

Brave Girls recently appeared on Jessi’s Showterview to promote their latest comeback, “Thank You”!

During the show, they covered many topics, such as heir first impression of Jessi, their comeback, and more!

Brave Girls | @BraveGirls/Instagram

During the ending segment of the show, the members were asked to hold hands with each other and say nice things to express their gratitude!

Yujeong was the first to start, and held Minyoung’s hands, and said a sweet message of thanks for helping all of them out as the oldest in the group!

As I told you before in my letter…I really appreciate how hard you’re trying as the eldest one in the group. I hope you stick with me forever. Thank you.


And while Minyoung appreciated her kind words, she did not appreciate it when Yujeong kissed her hand, and then put her hand on her lips!

Her reaction brought laughter to everybody in the studio!

Watch this sweet, but hilarious moment between the two here!

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