Brave Girls

The Two K-Celebrity Couples Whose “Lovestagram” Photography Skills Are Hard-Carried By The Girlfriends
The girls always take better photos 😂
Actor Lee Kyu Han And BB Girls’ Yujeong Post Hot As F*ck “Lovestagram” Photos By The Pool
It’s getting hot in here!
BB Girls’ Yujeong Confirms Relationship With Popular Actor… 2 Months After Denying The Rumors
Congratulations to the couple!
BB Girls (Formerly Brave Girls) Face Shocking Drop In Album Sales
“Brave Entertainment really messed up their career…”
BB Girls’ Yujeong And Popular Actor Responds To Dating Rumors
“After confirming the facts…”
BB Girls’ Yujeong Is Reportedly Dating Popular Actor
The two are said to have recently begun dating.
“So Their Styling Was The Problem” — Netizens Are Wowed At BB GIRLS’ (Formerly Brave Girls) Transformation After Changing Agencies
Their stylist was always criticized.
BB GIRLS Minyoung’s Reaction To Hearing Their Former Name “Brave Girls” Gains Attention From Fans
“… Just like me…”
Girl Group Brave Girls Reveals New Group Name
They faced copyright issues.
Brave Girls Reunite As Four Under A New Company… But They Might Not Get To Keep Their Name
A new start for them.