Popular Idol Who Recently Confirmed Relationship Shares Intimate Details Of Couple’s Love Story

The couple officially confirmed the news this September.

BB GirlsYujeong reportedly spoke about her love story with actor Lee Kyu Han.

Yujeong | Segye Ilbo
Lee Kyu Han

On November 1, it was revealed that Yujeong is the guest on the upcoming episode of Radio Star.

According to the show’s staff, Yujeong confessed that she first met Lee Kyu Han on the set of their variety show, Rustically. Yujeong reportedly then spoke about how she knew Lee Kyu Han was interested in her and was waiting for him to confess his feelings.

He (Lee Kyu Han) had previously told me that he liked me. I was waiting for him to confess.

— Yujeong

The reports state that Yujeong also revealed the reason why she first denied the rumors. According to the idol, when the reports first came out, it was very early into their budding relationship, and at the time, they weren’t dating.

When the reports came out, we had only eaten a couple of times. Because we had a comeback soon, Lee Kyu Han said he felt it wasn’t the right time to confirm it.

— Yujeong

The show’s host, Yoo Se Yoon, also reportedly revealed that Lee Kyu Han had contacted him before the show’s taping and asked that he take care of Yujeong.

I felt how much Kyu Han likes Yujeong. Since Kyu Han and I are the same age, he called me before the recording of the show and told me he’d do anything I needed and asked I take care of Yujeong.

— Yoo Se Yoon

Meanwhile, BB Girls member Yujeong revealed she was dating Lee Kyu Han in September of this year. The couple’s confirmation came after first denying the rumors 2 months earlier. You can read more about the couple in the link below.

BB Girls’ Yujeong Confirms Relationship With Popular Actor… 2 Months After Denying The Rumors

Radio Star‘s episode airs on November 1. You can watch the trailer below.

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