The Real Reason BBGIRLS’ Yujeong And Her Boyfriend Initially Denied Dating Rumors

It shows how much they care about each other.

In July 2023, rumors circulated about BBGIRLSYujeong and Longing for You actor Lee Kyu Han dating. In less than twenty-four hours, they promptly denied they were in a romantic relationship—at first.

Lee Kyu Han

Two months later, Yujeong confirmed they were actually dating. While appearing on Radio Star, she cleared up the confusion surrounding her denial and confirmation of their relationship.

Yujeong | @braveg_yj/Instagram

When the dating rumors first hit the internet, Yujeong revealed that she’d only been on a few dates with Lee Kyu Han. Since they were in the “talking stage” of their relationship, it “felt weird” for her to confirm the news. Yujeong chose to deny it, but there was another reason for the denial.

During Yujeong and Lee Kyu Han’s discussion on how they were going to handle the dating rumors, they realized that BBGIRLS’ comeback was happening soon.

Showing how much he cared for Yujeong, Lee Kyu Han was the one who suggested they deny the dating rumors so it wouldn’t negatively affect BBGIRLS’ comeback.

It was a week before my comeback. He told me that it might affect our comeback, so he thought it was better to deny it for the sake of the album.

— Yujeong

Ironically, the rumors influenced Yujeong and Lee Kyu Han to become an official couple afterward. Yujeong said, “We weren’t dating back then, but he asked me if I wanted to take it to a new chapter since the news got out.

Now Yujeong and Lee Kyu Han are spending their time as a couple happily.

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